Dear Fellow Educators,

Our goal is to promote an unprecedented level of ecological citizenship around the world by turning Only One Sky into the most inspiring and purposeful educational platform possible. And to do that we need your vision, your talents and your input.

You know as well as anyone that preparing the next generation for life in a changing climate is no easy task. Our students must be informed about the consequences of pollution and carbon emissions. We must help them understand how our sky functions and what its vulnerabilities are.  And we must encourage them to debate and problem solve the difficult challenges ahead. What kind of a world should we be building?  What does it mean to be an ecological citizen?  What are the implications of a changing climate for their future?  And for world peace?

And that’s why we created Only One Sky. We want to collaborate with you on a new global conversation for the next generation that addresses the realities of climate change squarely and in creative ways, imaginative ways and positive ways. Because if you accept that the transition from fossil fuel economies to sustainable ones is inevitable - and at Only One Sky we certainly do - then this transition presents our kids with the most exciting opportunities of our time.  Opportunities for innovation, for new leadership and for jobs. 

But seizing these opportunities begins with conversation, with education and with inspiration.  Students must be inspired to get out there and see for themselves.  Think for themselves. Measure for themselves. Question for themselves.  They must be inspired to challenge preconceived notions, to innovate, to creatively problem solve, to invent anew.  We think the way to do this is through imaginative and insightful projects that encourage collaboration in the classroom and collaboration across cultures and borders.  With your help we will grow a new spirit of community because as you already know only together and in collaboration as one global family living under one, shared sky, can positive outcomes ever be achieved.  

So consider this your official invitation to get creative and help build our Only One Sky interactive platform.   Got an idea for a great project? Tell us!  Have a lesson plan you would like to share?  Please share it.  Together let's build a library of valuable classroom resources searchable by grade and subject all designed to promote an unprecedented level of ecological citizenship around the world.

Because we only have one sky.

Ben Whitehouse, Executive Director



Got an idea for a great project? Please tell us!