Adler Planetarium to exhibit Sky Day Project!

Yes, the great Adler Planetarium in Chicago will exhibit Sky Day Project for Schools over Sky Day weekend!  (Sky Day is September 22)  So now your student's sky photos will be seen both in our on-line Sky Day Project Gallery AND at the Adler!  

Your ' Sky Day Project' schedule!

  • Now: Make sure you have access to a twitter account to post your sky photos. Could be yours, your school's, etc. Don't have one? Its free and quick to sign up Twitter

  • September 15: Receive email from us with your two special hashtags. Anyone who posts with your special hashtags will be in your group.

  • Take your photos anytime! Here's a video from us you may want to show your students.

  • September 18 - 22: Post your sky photos anytime! Its quick and easy.  

  • September 22 is Sky Day.  This is the day we start exhibiting the Sky Day Project Gallery on-line (we'll send you the link, of course!) and the day the Adler Planetarium begins exhibiting it too!

  • On-line exhibit will run indefinitely. Adler exhibit September 22 - 25


Our team is working hard to build our Sky Day Project Gallery and we look forward to your participation.  Students, parents and colleagues will enjoy seeing your group's sky photos on-line. Remember the gallery is interactive.  It can be filtered by group, city, world and also by time. And it looks really cool! Please help us spread the word about Sky Day Project. The more schools and groups that participate the more meaningful and exciting the artwork will be!

We are also building our free interactive learning platform Only One Sky. With the input of talented artists, scientists, parents, educators, writers, child development experts and social scientists this platform will grow to offer teachers, parents and kids imaginative lesson plans, inspiring ideas, great articles, innovative projects, forums for discussion and exciting opportunities for international collaboration. If you have an idea for us please tell us here. We would love to hear from you! Help us build an unprecedented level of ecological citizenship with the world's students K-12!

In case you missed it

Nicole Stott and I were interview for WBEZ Chicago's Worldview (18 minutes). We talk about the Only One Sky Vision. As you will hear Nicole has had some amazing experiences that have given her an extraordinary perspective on things.

Spread the word!

Please invite friends and colleagues to participate in Sky Day Project too. The more the merrier.  All they need do is register here and we will send them their hashtags.  


And please follow us on social media where you can hear news about our crowd sourced interactive learning platform Only One Sky, our Sky Team and how best to prepare for Sky Day Project. We'll share articles too about cool studies, research on our changing climate, brilliant ideas, exciting events and awesome citizens.  For pictures and inspiration please follow us on Instagram.  For news and Sky Day Project updates check us out on Twitter and Facebook.  

Ben Whitehouse, artist and Executive Director of Only One Sky