We inhabit a rapidly changing environment yet too many of us find talking about it difficult - especially to our children. Which leaves them vulnerable and unprepared and is an obstacle to their embracing the greatest opportunities of their time. For while the inevitable transition to sustainable economies presents enormous challenges it also offers extraordinary opportunities for innovation, new leadership and for a new definition of global community. But they can only seize those opportunities if they are informed and inspired forward.  

Which is why we created Only One Sky.  Because all great change begins at the dinner table and in the classroom.

With the input of talented artists, scientists, parents, educators, writers, child development experts and social scientists we are building an interactive educational platform to offer teachers, parents and kids imaginative lesson plans, inspiring ideas, great articles, innovative projects, forums for discussion and exciting opportunities for international collaboration.

We look forward to serving you,

Ben Whitehouse, Executive Director


We are thrilled to have the support of the American Montessori Society and we welcome the participation of its many schools and affiliates around the world.   Thank you AMS!